Thank you for reporting citrus diseases.  

Thanks to you, and others like you using this Report It form, we have received submissions from every citrus-producing state in the country, helping us successfully identify diseased citrus.  To stop the devastation, we depend on you to report signs of citrus disease.  We can’t stop their spread without you.  Tell a friend about the Report It page.

The symptom checklist and corresponding photos below will help you identify the key symptoms of a plant infected by citrus greening, citrus canker, citrus black spot and sweet orange scab.


If you think you have identified an infected plant, report it immediately. Just fill out the form below, download the iPhone app, or call USDA State Plant Health Director’s office. Do not move your plant to avoid spreading the disease. You are the first line of defense in stopping the devastation caused by citrus diseases. We can’t stop their spread without you.

If you are younger than 18 years of age, please ask a parent, guardian or trusted adult to help you submit your report.

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